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Steel , stainless steel , specialty alloy, choose from ESAB wide selection of welding Tigrod to provide superior arc and puddle control to produce clean welds for good apperance

Extra low carbon stainless steel electrode for welding steels of the 18Cr 12Ni 2.8Mo-type. Also for welding of stabilized stainless steels of similar composition when the working temperature is maximum 350°C.

Welding of steel sheet , light structural, automobile bodies and machinery guards

With the demand for high quality and technology taking place in the 1990s, Kiswel have followed through with the establishment of an R&D Center equipped with cutting-edge equipment and the automation of their manufacturing processes. The certification of the global standards of QS-9000, ISO/TS 16949, and ISO 14001 are a small display of their contribution [...]

Electric arc welding with stick electrodes is still indispensable in steel and pipeline construction and can be used under all weather conditions. Specs -308 L /MVR ( AWS: E308L-17) -308 /308H AC-DC ( AWS : E308H-17) -308L -LF ( AWS: E308L-15) -347 MVNb-3D( AWS: E347-17) -316 L/SKR, 316L/SKR Cryo ( AWS: E316-17) -316L /316H AC/DC [...]

Avesta Classic Picking Gel 122 is used to treat stainless steel surfaces that have been demaged by working operations such as welding , forming, cutting , and blasting. This gel is specifally intended for standard brush picking of weld seams and smaller surfaces. Application for : Standard and more high-alloyed steel grades such as 304, [...]

Welding of 490MPa high tensile steels with outstanding mechanical properties.

Whatever your requirement, choose Esab electrodes for consistent performance and quality every time.